The ultimate driving experience for you who dream about driving a

300 horsepower rally car!

Our professional instructors will teach you how to control the car sideways the scandinavian way!

The goal for every participant is to learn as much as possible regardless of experience.

You will learn how to control the car sideways with the throttel, how to

pick the proper line, braking technique, load change, steering technique,etc.

Everybody will also get the chance to sit in the co-driver´s seat with a

professional rally driver in a rally stage.

One important goal is of course to have a lot of fun with equally minded people!


Rally tracks on frozen lakes.

Professional instructors.

Helmets to borrow.

Rally car rental.

Food and snacks



Welcome to rally school on ice, Sweden

Participants: 1-8 persons

Period: January-March

Place: Sweden, Björbo


WRC proto cars